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What Is A Car Dust Cover?

After buying a car, car cleaning is an indispensable thing. Generally, we will clean the car every period of time, and we will also clean it up. At this time, we will clean many small places well. I will give it today. Let us introduce the car dust cover.
Car dust cover introduction: install
The old set base is stuck with four clips. When disassembling, first remove the two in front of the car and press the base inward with your hand to come out. Take it apart to study how the old one is fixed. To install the new one, just follow the old one (it’s the reverse process). There is a little trick. If the upper tightening strip needs to be tightened, first tighten it, and then use a small hemp rope to make a big knot at the front end, it won’t It will come loose.

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