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Tiantai Obd Industry & Trading company
was set up in 2013.

Tiantai obdcarcover Co., Ltd. is located in Tiantai County, Zhejiang Province. Founded in 2013, it is a manufacturing factory dedicated to the production of auto parts, mainly including car covers and car sunshade products. Tiantai is a well-known gathering place for automobile accessories manufacturing in China, As a well-known China OEM Car Windshield Snow Covers Manufacturers and Wholesale Car Snow Shades Factory, with a large number of professional production personnel and skilled workers, which provides a strong guarantee for the development of the factory. Ober is positioned as a mid-to-high-end product, mainly exported to North America, South America, Japan, Europe and other countries. Currently, it is also committed to developing markets in India, the Middle East, and Russia, with little gains. The customers we serve not only include large buyers, such as Amazon brand companies, Disney's Chinese agents, etc., but also connect with small customers all over the world through foreign trade platforms. It is our company's unchanging vision to communicate and discuss with people from all over the world to achieve a win-win cooperation.



Industry Knowledge

What is Car Windshield Snow Covers?
A car windshield snow cover is a protective cover designed to be placed over the windshield of a vehicle to prevent snow, ice, or frost from accumulating on the glass surface. The cover helps to make it easier to clear off snow and ice, and can also provide insulation to help keep the interior of the car warmer. The covers typically come in a range of sizes to fit different makes and models of vehicles and are made from materials such as polyester or nylon.
Advantages of using a car windshield snow cover include:
Time saving: It eliminates the need for scraping or brushing off snow and ice from the windshield.
Convenience: The cover can be easily installed and removed, making it convenient to use.
Protection: It protects the windshield from damage due to scraping and brushing, and also prevents cracks and chips caused by extreme temperature changes.
Insulation: It provides insulation to the interior of the car, helping to keep it warm and prevent frost buildup.
Durability: The covers are made of durable materials that can withstand harsh winter weather conditions.
Cost-effective: It's a cost-effective solution to protect the windshield, as repairing or replacing a damaged windshield can be expensive.
To use a car windshield snow cover, follow these steps:
Select the right size cover: Make sure you choose a cover that is the right size for your vehicle's windshield.
Clean the windshield: Remove any dirt, debris or snow from the windshield before applying the cover.
Place the cover over the windshield: Place the cover over the windshield and secure it in place with the straps, flaps or magnets provided.
Remove the cover: When you are ready to drive, simply remove the cover and store it in your vehicle's trunk or back seat.
It's important to note that some covers may require additional steps, such as folding and storing them properly, to ensure their longevity and effectiveness. It's also recommended to remove the cover if you expect rain, as water can get trapped underneath and freeze, making it difficult to remove the cover.

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