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Are car sunshields really that good

The main advantage of the car sunshade is to block the sun, so that the light in the active area cannot enter the car, to a certain extent, it has the effect of reducing the scorching inside the car, and also prevents the seats and dashboard from being damaged by ultraviolet rays. But there are still some car owners who are skeptical, does the sunshade really have the above function?

In summer, many car owners like to use something called a sunshade, which is placed in front of the windshield of the car. At first glance, it seems that it can really cool down. According to the position of the car sunshield, it can be divided into three types: front, side and rear. The sun shines directly into the car, the temperature rises, and it will also affect the driver's sight.

After the sunshade is installed, the temperature inside the car is indeed lower than that without it, but the harmful substances released will also increase, which will have a certain impact on physical health. In terms of material, bubble film aluminum foil sunshade is a kind of plastic product. Aluminum foil has the ability to reflect light, reduce thermal radiation and low thermal radiation conduction, has good strength, toughness, and impact resistance, and is resistant to acid and alkali. . At present, the automobile industry makes use of this characteristic of aluminum foil to make automobile sunshade, which is mainly used for automobile sunscreen and heat insulation, mainly installed in the car.

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