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Do you want to buy a sun visor at the back of the car

The sun has brought us light. I should be grateful for it, but at the same time, it is accompanied by a bad relationship. Sunscreen is a plastic product made of multilayer bubble film and aluminum foil. Bubble film has very good strength, toughness and impact resistance. The aluminum foil reflects light, which will reduce the thermal radiation and the thermal radiation conductivity is low. When the sun shines on the sunshade, part of the heat will be blocked, and the ultraviolet light will be reflected by the aluminum foil.
Automobile sun visors are divided into front panel, side panel and rear panel according to their positions. There were few kinds of sun visors before, most of which were aluminum foil and non-woven fabric. Most aluminum foils are divided into ordinary 'light plate' type and pattern type, most of which are basically 60 * 130cm in size, suitable for most small cars. In hot weather, the aluminum foil can be turned out to ensure the reflection of sunlight (check the transaction price | participation | preferential policies). If you choose the sun visor with suction cups, you don't need to buy a 'light plate' type or too cheap front sun visor, which is easy to fall off. The sun from the side sun visor and side window is still very strong in hot weather. The effect of most membranes is not very ideal, and they will still burn the skin. Let's look at several side sun visors.
A. Common gauze side sun visors: Most of these sun visors are equipped with two suction cups or one suction cup in the middle. Its advantage is that it is very convenient to take it off, but there is some doubt that the suction cups may be knocked off when the window needs to be rolled down, especially the side sun visor with only two suction cups, which is easy to fall off.
B. Static side shading: The static side shading is better than the gauze shading. The unique mesh translucent design will never make people feel stuffy and closed. When pasting, pay attention to pasting 5cm above and below the bottom edge into the window seam, so that the electrostatic sticker will not roll up when the glass rolls down. When not in use, pull down the electrostatic sticker directly, rinse it with clean water, and then roll it up with smooth paper, which can be reused later.
Most rear sun visors are for passengers. The rear sun visors of some high-end cars are basically equipped by the original factory. They are telescopic, and most of them are black mesh. The sun visor has good effect, is beautiful and convenient, and is a rear sun visor. If the original vehicle does not have a rear sun visor, only one is required.

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