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Is it necessary to buy a car sun visor

In order to avoid being injured by the sun, people will take a series of protective measures, such as applying sunscreen, wearing ice sleeves, etc., and the same is true for cars, exposure to the sun will also cause damage, so protection is also required. There are also many devices on the market that block sunlight for cars, such as car sun visors. Can it protect the car to a certain extent?

 The car sunshades is a board installed above the driver to prevent the sun glare. According to the position, it can be divided into three types: front block, side block and rear block.

The sun visor of the car has a certain effect on the protection of the car. It reflects the absorbed sunlight, prevents the sunlight from directly shining into the car, and has a certain temperature control effect in the car, especially for the center console and steering wheel made of plastic. It has a greater effect, because plastic items can easily accelerate their aging when they are exposed to the sun.

In addition, the sun visor also plays a role in protecting privacy. Others cannot see the inside of the car through the window, which has a certain safety effect.

 It is necessary to buy car sun visors, which have a certain protective effect on the vehicle, prolong the service life of various parts in the car, and also help protect our eyes from direct sunlight or car lights. However, using a car sun visor only plays a role for a certain period of time, and cannot completely block all the sunlight.

Therefore, it is recommended not to expose the vehicle to the sun for a long time. If you need to park for a long time, try to choose a shady place or an indoor parking lot.

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