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What is a car sun visor

The car sun visor is a board installed above the driver to prevent the glare of the sun. It can be turned down when in use and can be turned up when not in use. The material is plastic, EPP, PU foam, cardboard, etc. Block and back block three.

Sun visor materials: plastic, EPP, PU foam, cardboard, etc., multi-functional sun visors, with lights and mirrors. Traditional sun visors have been unable to meet the needs of customers. Traditional car sun visors, while blocking sunlight, take up most of the driver's field of vision. With the development of science and technology, there has been a kind of automobile LCD sun visor, which can block the sunlight without blocking the line of sight.

The sunlight coming in from the side windows in summer is still quite powerful. The effect of sticking a general film is not very ideal, and the skin will still be hot from the sun. Let's compare several side sunshades.

A. Ordinary gauze side sunshade: This type of sunshade generally has two suction cups, or a suction cup in the middle. The advantage is that it is easier to remove, but the problem is that when the window is to be rolled down, it may be The suction cups will be knocked off, especially the side sunshield with only two suction cups, and it is easy to fall off.

B. Electrostatic sticker side sunshade: The electrostatic sticker side sunshade is better than the gauze type sunshade. The unique mesh and translucent design will never make people feel stuffy and closed. Pay attention when pasting, it is best to stick the bottom edge into the window seam about 5cm, so that the electrostatic sticker will not roll up when the glass is rolled down. When not in use, pull the electrostatic sticker directly off, wash it with clean water, and then roll it up with smooth paper, which can be reused in the future.

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