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What is the function of car sun visor

I believe many friends have seen the car sun visor, especially those who have cars. The sun visor has become an indispensable part. Although the car sun visor occupies a very important position, it is still confusing to the friends who have just met. Let's see what the role of the car sun visor is?
Automobile sun visors can be divided into front, side and rear gears according to their positions. The sun visor uses this principle to restrain the temperature rise in the car in a short time, but after all, the general environment has not changed. All parts of the car will conduct heat. The temperature in the car will rise after a long parking time, not because of a small sun visor. However, this sunshade is not completely ineffective. The reason is that if there is no sunshade, the sun directly shines into the car, causing the temperature of the center console in the car to rise to more than 60 degrees. If there is such a sunshade, most of the heat will be absorbed by the sunshade, and the interior temperature will be the same as the temperature of the car.
From this, we can conclude that although the sun visor will not alleviate the temperature rise in the car after the car is placed for too long, it will play a role in reducing the temperature rise in the car interior and mitigating the aging of the interior. In addition, the sun visor is installed above the driver to prevent the sun from dazzling. If you drive to work around 6-7 in the morning on the east route, you can use the sun visor just against the morning sun! So the sun visor can play an important role in driving.
Tips: When the area of the sun visor board is small, neutral detergent (such as ethanol, ethane, butyl cellulose) can be used to scrub the board with sponge or soft cloth, and then rinse with water. If the area is large, high pressure faucet can be used to wash the plate with clean water.
In fact, from all aspects, the car sun visor is very effective. At present, there are many types of car sun visors in the market, and there will be great differences in quality. As for how to choose, it depends on the actual situation of individuals. Remember not to choose blindly.

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