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How to choose a car cover

How to choose a car cover
It is precisely because the car owners do not know the car clothing market, they saw that some car clothing products have the same function as the recommended brand car clothing on the list, and the price is low, so they bought the car clothing with the advantage of price. After using it, I found that the car cover is loose and loose on the body. When the wind blows, the car cover will be swayed on the body by the wind because it does not fit well. In addition, the inferior car cover is used, and the car cover fabric has not been wiped dry or wet. Handling the experiment, in this case, the car cover will scratch the surface of the car with the wind!
Not waterproof: because they use a single thread to sew the car cover, and they may use a large needle to sew, which greatly reduces the waterproof function of the car cover, no matter what high-grade fabric they use It does not have superior waterproof function. It does not meet the waterproof standard in terms of the number of silver coating channels, and only achieves about 600 in water pressure treatment to reduce costs.
Not flame retardant: Although the fabrics used for these car clothing are high-grade fabrics, they do not meet the national standards in terms of flame retardant fabric technology. Burner! When sparks such as fireworks and firecrackers splash on the car cover, the car cover is not flame retardant, but may play a role in supporting combustion, greatly endangering the surrounding safety! ! !
No snow and frost: This kind of fabric may not be a high-grade fabric, and the amount of lint on the car jacket does not meet the national standard. Generally speaking, the amount of lint on the car jacket with cotton is only 40 grams, and the national standard is 75 grams. Premium lint!

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