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Introduction of car cover

car cover
Car clothing is commonly known as car clothing, that is, an outer garment made of plain cloth or other flexible wear-resistant materials according to the size of the car, and a protective article for the car.
Introduction of car clothing
It can protect the car paint and window glass well, especially for high-end cars. Regular use of the car cover can prolong the service life of the car paint and make the car paint as bright as new. The car cover consists of three parts: the body, the buckle belt, and the spring hook. The front buckle is closed, and it is put in from the head when in use, and the rear buckle is open. Use a mortise lock (other locks are also acceptable) to fix the car jacket and the rear of the car. It cannot be removed without a special key. Hook the spring hooks on both sides of the car body to the lower edge of the car body, and then the car body can be firmly fixed on the car body.

car cover
1. Anti-dirty. 2. Anti-ash. 3. Waterproof, rain, snow. 4. Resist UV damage to car paint/upholstery/tire, etc. 5. To a certain extent, it is insulated to prevent the temperature inside the car from being too high in summer. 6. Avoid pedestrians or children from scratching the car.

Choice of car clothing
To put it simply, the brands of car clothing on the market are mixed. With the expansion of the automobile clothing market, many small enterprises have saved a lot of procedures in the processing technology of automobile clothing and selected product materials in order to seize the opportunity to seek violence. They are processed with inferior fabrics, and the car covers they produce are extremely poor and substandard products. Of course, their prices will be much lower than that of high-quality car covers.

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