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How to install car sun visor

The installation of the car sun visor is very simple. If there is a light, plug in the plug, then put the base in the right direction, and the screw is tight. There are barbs on the base of the sun visor. After the screws are loosened, pull them by hand and shake them back and forth to remove them.

The sun visor of a car refers to the board installed above the driver's head. The main purpose is to prevent the sun from being dazzling. It can be turned down when it is used. It can be turned up when not in use. You can match one yourself.

Now the most widely used in the market is the aluminum film pvc material. The aluminum film material can effectively reflect light and the internal PVC bubbles can effectively isolate the conduction of heat energy, so as to play the role of heat insulation and cooling. Therefore, the size of the aluminum film and the thickness of the pvc material determine the effect of use. When purchasing this kind of sunshade, it is best to choose a model with a suction cup. Although it will take more time to place it each time, the model without a suction cup is more likely to fall from the inside of the glass, which also loses the meaning of using the sunshade. . It is recommended that you try to choose the thicker type when purchasing, so that the effect is definitely better than the ordinary one.

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