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What material is the car sun visor

Car sun visor materials include plastic, EPP, PU foam, cardboard, etc. The sun visor is designed to avoid the glare of the sun and prevent the influence of sunlight. It can be moved back and forth, so as to adjust the exposure of sunlight to the eyes, avoid accidents, and have a better cooling effect.

At present, the sun visor made of aluminum film is the most popular on the market. The aluminum film material can effectively reflect light and the internal PVC bubbles can effectively isolate the conduction of heat energy, so as to play the role of heat insulation and cooling, so the size of the aluminum film and the thickness of the pvc material are determined. effect of use. When purchasing this kind of sunshade, it is best to choose a model with a suction cup. Although it will take more time to place it each time, the model without a suction cup is more likely to fall from the inside of the glass, which also loses the meaning of using the sunshade.

The rear sun visor is generally prepared for the passengers who are riding. The rear sun visors of some high-end vehicles are all configured by the original factory. They are retractable and generally black mesh. This sun visor has good effect and is beautiful and convenient. It is the best. rear sunshade. For the original car without a rear sunshield, only one can be provided by yourself.

Aluminium Retractable Front Window UV proof Car Sunshade


Type:Front Windshield Shades

Size:70*155cm, 70*155

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

Brand Name:OBD

Model Number:S-1005

Product name:Retractable Font Window Car Sunshade




Package:PVC Bag

Style:Sunshade Net Cover

Application:Front Car Window


Supply Type:Make-to-Order

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