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How to judge whether the RV awning is qualified?

How to judge whether the RV awning is qualified?
The film material of the car sunshade is a film material with high strength and good flexibility; the central fabric base material is divided into polyester fiber and glass fiber, and the resin used as the coating material is polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC) , Silicone and polytetrafluoroethylene resin (PTFE), it has light weight, flexibility, small thickness, light weight, good light transmission; it has the ability to reflect, absorb and transmit natural light; it is non-flammable, flame-retardant or flame-retardant; It has the characteristics of durability, fire resistance, good air tightness, etc. The membrane material whose surface is treated with fluorine (coated with PVF or PVDF) is not sticky and has good self-cleaning performance.
The structure of the car awning can be divided into steel structure, tension structure and inflatable structure; according to the characteristics of the membrane material, it can be divided into permanent membrane structure (the service life of the membrane material can exceed 25 years), semi-permanent membrane structure (the use of the membrane material It can be divided into PVDF membrane, PTFE membrane and ETFE membrane according to the membrane composition.
There must be no burrs, sharp corners, or sharp points in the connection between the awning support structure and the membrane material. The joints of the RV awning materials should adhere to a high degree of water tightness, and methods should be selected that can avoid the wear and tear of the membrane materials. If the quality is qualified after inspection, it can be judged as qualified. Quality inspection records of unit equipment and tensioning process.
The strength, rigidity and durability of the awning connector should not be deformed to affect the function of the force, and the membrane material at the connection will not be damaged earlier than the structure of other parts. The connections between the film awnings are secure, sound, and look good. Connectors should be strong and reduce stress build-up at the connection. Consider the influence of the eccentricity of the node scheme on the zipper and membrane material, and the method and scheme of applying pretension must not be faulty.

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