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Maintenance of car awning

Maintenance of car awning
The car awning should be put away immediately in extreme weather such as strong wind, snow, heavy rain or when not in use, otherwise it will cause damage to itself and property damage. Use the horizontal condition of the long-term awning surface to find the tilt and immediately correct and repair the cause after finding out the cause. At ordinary times, attention should be paid to prevent the soul-inducing lamp from falling into the canopy surface, and it should be put away within the period of traditional festival firecrackers. For the prefabricated components composed of high-end aluminum profiles on the sunshade canopy, pH or polishing materials (such as abrasive pads, gold steel sandpaper, sandpaper, spar, etc.) cannot be used, they can damage the surface. The removal of the aluminum profile frame should be treated with extra care, generally using elastic cloth and detergent. And note that the cleaning agent used on high-grade aluminum profiles should not go beyond the cloth of the sunshade canopy.
Whether the car awning must be removed depends to a large extent on the geographical environment (traffic density, air pollution, environmental pollution, etc.). Be sure to remove the following requirements: When the awning is dry, use a soft brush to remove dust on time. If there is a small stain on the cloth, use a soft brush dipped in general detergent to brush lightly, and then use cold water to clean it several times until there is residual detergent on the cotton fabric, open it to dry. Similar items such as tree skills and dead leaves should be eliminated immediately. When removing a car awning, it should be fully open and dry. Use proper steps for removal and maintenance without leaning against the car awning or pressing too hard on it. The vehicle-mounted awning with automatic controller is in all operating procedures, please cut off the switching power supply circuit as much as possible, and turn off the mechanical automation equipment.

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