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Is it necessary for car sunshade

It is necessary that the main function of the car sunshade is to block the light in the action area from entering the car, which can reduce the burning heat in the car to a certain extent, and prevent the leather seats and instrument panels from being damaged by ultraviolet rays.
In addition, it has the function of increasing privacy. It is not clear when looking outside and inside the car, and it can add some safety factors. These functions are reflected in the parking situation. If you want to have a good protection for the car and the driver when driving, or improve the protection, it is recommended to stick explosion-proof thermal insulation film.

1. Reduce the temperature in the car: The sunscreen is made of multi-layer bubble film and aluminum foil, which is a kind of plastic products. The bubble film has good strength, toughness and impact resistance. Aluminum foil can reflect light, thus reducing thermal radiation, and has low thermal radiation conductivity. When the sun shines on the sunshade, part of the heat will be blocked, and the ultraviolet light will be reflected out by the aluminum foil.

2. Protect the instruments and equipment in the car: direct exposure to the sun will make the temperature in the car reach about 70 degrees. Not only is the shell of the center console prone to deformation, but the instruments and audio equipment on the instrument panel are also damaged due to high temperature, such as element aging, pin desoldering, etc. The sunshade can effectively avoid direct sunlight.

3. Reduce pollution in the car: The car center console, interior trim and other items are generally made of plastic, and long-term high temperature will make them emit harmful substances and affect human health. The use of sunshade can reduce the temperature in the car.

One thing to remind: try to choose the sunshade installed outside the vehicle. Because the sunshade is installed in the car, the sunlight will penetrate the glass and shine into the car. After the aluminum foil reflects the sunlight, it will be reflected back into the car by the glass for the second time. The sunshade thermal insulation layer absorbs part of the heat and blocks the heat in the car, heating the air in the car, which only serves the purpose of light insulation and heat insulation.

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