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The sunshade is so cool

As we all know, the main benefit of the thermal sunshade is to block the sun, so that the light in the action area cannot enter the car. It can reduce the burning heat in the car to a certain extent, and can also prevent the seat and instrument panel from being damaged by ultraviolet rays. Some car owners expressed doubts about this. Does the heat-proof sunshade really have the above functions?

In summer, many car owners like to use heat shields in front of their windshield. At first glance, it seems that it can really cool down. The heat-resistant sunshade can be divided into front block, side block and rear block according to position. When the sun shines on the car, the temperature will rise, which will also affect the driver's driving vision. The function of the heat-resistant sunshade is to block the direct sunlight and make the car more comfortable.
The temperature in the car is lower than that when it is not loaded, but the release of harmful substances will also increase, which has a certain impact on health. In terms of material, the bubble film aluminum foil sunshade is a plastic product. Aluminum foil has the ability to reflect light, reduce heat radiation and low heat radiation conduction, and has good strength, toughness, impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance. At present, the automobile industry makes use of this feature of aluminum foil to make heat-resistant sunshades, which are mainly installed on cars.

The fatal thing is that the manufacturer ignored the feature that the anti-heat sunshade is installed in the car, the sunlight will shine into the car through the glass, and the aluminum foil will be reflected back into the car by the glass after reflecting the sunlight. The thermal insulation layer of the anti-heat sunshade absorbs part of the heat, thus blocking the heat in the car and heating the air in the car. In fact, it is not insulated from light, so the parking time is slightly longer and the temperature is also very high. Therefore, only those heat-resistant sunshades installed outside the vehicle can achieve pollution-free interior and achieve the effect of sunscreen and heat insulation.

There was an experiment in which two identical cars were parked in the sun, one with a heat shield and the other without one. After the midday sunshine, the temperature in the car does not vary much. The anti-heat sunshade utilizes the reflection principle, although it can inhibit the temperature rise in the car in a short time, after all, the environment of the car has not changed, and all parts of the car are still heat conductive. So the temperature in the car will still rise after parking for a long time, and will not change because of a small heat shield.

Kindly remind all owners: when selecting the heat shield, try to choose the one installed outside the vehicle. In addition, parking in the shade or underground parking lot is a good way to prevent sun.

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