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Is it necessary to buy a car sunshade

The sun has brought us light, and I should thank it, but at the same time it also has a negative impact. Sunscreen is a plastic product composed of multiple layers of foam film and aluminum foil. The bubble film has good strength, toughness, and impact resistance. Aluminum foil can reflect light, further reducing thermal radiation, and has low thermal radiation conductivity. When sunlight shines on the sunshade, some of the heat will be blocked and ultraviolet rays will be reflected by the aluminum foil.

Do you need to buy a rear window? The most popular material on the market is aluminum film PVC material. The aluminum film material can effectively reflect light, and the PVC bubbles inside can effectively isolate the conduction of heat energy, thereby playing a role in heat insulation and cooling. Therefore, the size of the aluminum film and the thickness of the PVC material determine the use effect. When choosing this sunshade, it is best to choose a model with a suction cup. Although each placement takes a lot of time, models without suction cups are more likely to fall from the inside of the glass, thereby losing the significance of using sunshades. It is recommended that friends try to choose larger and thicker ones when purchasing. The effect is definitely better than ordinary ones.

Color selection
Different colors also reflect and refract light differently, whether they are front or side shields. Black, red, and some warm colors are not recommended. Black is the most heat absorbing color, and it's not bad to use it. Using it can backfire. The visual and sensory coolness of warm colors is also greatly reduced, and the recommended colors are blue, green, and white. The shading effect of car sun visors varies depending on their material. When it comes to sunshades, many people may think that the front is just fine. Buying the back is tantamount to killing the lily. In fact, most of the time, car riders cover the side with the sun, which also reduces the shading effect by 40%. "It's not just the light side that raises the temperature, and the reflection of light is everywhere.". If used with a side shield, the effect would be better. The selection of vehicle sunshade materials is most directly related to the sunshade effect.

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