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What are the types of car covers

1. Double coated flame-retardant materials: Double coated flame-retardant materials for car clothing are sun proof, dust proof, rain proof, scratch proof, and flame retardant. The car clothing fabric uses car clothing thermonuclear technology to heat core the two fabrics together. The double coated car clothing is meticulously sewn using high-tech double coated fabrics. The 90 level water splashing experiment achieves a hydrostatic pressure of 600 m/m to 900 m/m, flame retardant 0 (s)>90 mm, and other eight processes. The weight of the vehicle and clothing is generally around 1.5 kg, with a service life of more than 3 years.
2. Single coat material: Single coat material has good dust and sun protection effects, but it is not rain and scratch resistant, and can only be used on one side. Single coat material only has silver color, which can have a good effect on UV protection. Single coat material is relatively light, generally around 1 kilogram. The service life is about 2 years.
3. PVC material: PVC material car clothing has good dustproof and rainproof effects, but it does not prevent sun and scratches, and can only be used on one side. PVC material car clothing is only silver, while PVC material car clothing is relatively heavy, generally around 3-4 kilograms. The service life is about 2 years.
4. Nano flame retardant material: Nano flame retardant material for car clothing is sun proof, dust proof, rain proof, scratch proof, and flame retardant. The nano car clothing is made of 560w nano cloth and meticulously sewn. According to the company's executive standards, it passes three times of shrinkage, multiple terxp waterproof and breathable film, two layers of silver to prevent ultraviolet radiation, dry friction treatment twice, wet friction treatment three times, and 90 level water splashing test to achieve a hydrostatic pressure of 800m/m -- 1000m/m, flame retardant 0 (s)>90mm, plus antifouling There are nine processes such as oil resistant agent, and the weight of vehicle clothing is generally around 2 kilograms, with a service life of 4-5 years.
5. PU material car clothing: PU is both the abbreviation of polyurethane in English and the Chinese chemical name "polyurethane". PU material is also a new type of material that has just been born in recent years. The full name of this ultra-fiber leather is "superfine fiber reinforced PU leather", which has extremely excellent wear resistance, excellent cold resistance, breathability, and aging resistance. PU material has been used in fabric production since its birth, and the popular PU material for car clothing in previous years has also gained the favor of many car enthusiasts. Why? Because PU automotive clothing has a great advantage: it is cold resistant and very suitable for low temperatures. The main reason why it is favored by car riders is that in recent years, China has experienced a large range of strong snowfalls. This PU material car clothing just can be used, so it has been recognized by car riders.
However, is PU material still suitable for our use today? Of course, it is still suitable, but the premise is that someone must sell it on the market. Why do you say that? The reason is simple. This PU material for car clothing has been discontinued because there is a better and higher quality car clothing material to replace it, namely, PEVA material for car clothing. Due to the high price of PU material, domestic manufacturers have replaced it with PEVA material that is better and cheaper than it. If there are still cars made of this material on the market.

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