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Is the windshield sunshade useful for cars

1、 Is the windshield sunshade useful for cars
The windshield sunshade cloth is commonly known as the car sunshade, which can reduce the temperature in the car to a certain extent and protect the instrument seat equipment in the car. The sunshade is basically made of aluminum foil and multi-layer bubble film, which has good strength, toughness and impact resistance. Aluminum foil can reflect light, thus reducing thermal radiation, and has low thermal radiation conductivity. When the sun shines on the sunshade, part of the heat will be blocked, and the ultraviolet light will be reflected by the aluminum foil.
The car sun visor can prevent the leather seats and instrument panel from being damaged by ultraviolet rays. The direct exposure of the sun will make the temperature in the car up to about 70 degrees. Not only is the center console shell prone to deformation, but also the instruments and other equipment on the instrument panel will be damaged due to high temperature, such as aging components, desoldering pins, etc. The sun visor can effectively prevent direct sunlight.
2、 What are the types of car sun visors
1. Front sun visor
There are not many types of front sun visors, generally including aluminum foil and non-woven fabric. Aluminum foil is generally divided into ordinary "light plate" type and pattern type, and the size is generally 60 * 130cm, which is suitable for most small cars. The aluminum foil heat insulation sunshade with suction cup is convenient to use. After being unfolded, it can be sucked into the front windshield glass or the rear window glass with suction cup.
2. Rear sun visor
The rear sunshade is generally prepared for passengers. The rear sunshade of some high-end vehicles is the original factory configuration. It is a retractable type, generally black mesh. This sunshade has good effect and is beautiful and convenient. It is the best rear sunshade.
3. Side sun visor
When driving in summer, the sunlight from the side window is still strong. The effect of sticking ordinary film is not very ideal, and the skin will still burn when exposed to the sun. Sticking the side sun visor has a good effect. The side sun visor is divided into two types: ordinary gauze screen type and electrostatic paste type. The ordinary gauze screen type side sun visor is generally equipped with two suction cups. Its advantage is that it is easy to take down, but its disadvantage is that it is easy to fall down. The electrostatic side sun visor has good sun shading effect. It can be directly pasted on the glass and can be reused.
3、 Which kind of car sun visor is better
1. Material selection of automobile sun visor
At present, most of the products on the market are made of aluminum film and PVC. The aluminum film can effectively reflect light and the internal PVC bubbles can effectively isolate the heat conduction, so as to play the role of heat insulation and cooling. Therefore, the size of the aluminum film and the thickness of the PVC material determine the use effect. When purchasing this sunshade, it is better to choose the model with suction cup. Although it takes a lot of time to place it each time, the model without suction cup is easier to fall from the inside of the glass, which also loses the significance of using the sunshade. It is recommended that you try to choose the thickened type when buying, and the effect will be better than the ordinary one.
2. Color selection of automobile sun visor
Different colors reflect and refract light differently, whether in front or in side. It is not recommended to use black, red and some warm colors. Black is the most heat absorbing, and it is not bad to use it. The visual and sensory coolness of warm colors is also greatly reduced. The recommended colors are blue, green and white. The sunshade effect of different sunshade materials is also different.
3. The front and rear sun visors should be used
Most of the time, riders will cover the side where the sun is, so the sunshade effect will also be reduced by 40%. It is not only the side with light that increases the temperature. Light reflection is everywhere. If it is used together with side shields, the effect will be better. The material selection of automobile sun visor has the most direct relationship with the sun shading effect.

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