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What is a car cover

The car cover is also called car cover, or car cover. It is made of PVC, oxford cloth, PEVA and other materials customized for the shape of the car. Wearing it on the car body, it can protect the car from heat, sun, wind, dust, rain, snow, frost, tree branches and gravel. It can protect the car paint and windows for a long time. It needs to be used when parking outdoors for a long time.
Classification of car covers
Full car clothing cover: the car is completely wrapped, which has the advantage of good protection effect, but the full car clothing cover is relatively bulky, and it is not easy for one person to operate the car clothing cover. It is exposed to the sun in summer, the temperature in the car is high, and the whole car clothing is not good for heat dissipation.
Half car clothing cover: As the name suggests, only half of the half car clothing cover can cover the car, blocking the glass and the paint surface exposed to the sun. The advantage of the half car clothing cover is that it is light and can be uncovered by one person. In summer, if you use a half coat cover, the car will have better heat dissipation.
The choice of full car clothing cover and half car clothing cover varies from person to person. In cities such as Chongqing, Changsha and Nanjing, which are especially hot in summer, the natural environment such as sandstorms is not bad, so half car clothing cover is better. However, for cities with severe sandstorms and harsh natural environment, the protective effect of full car clothing cover will be better.
Is it necessary to cover the car?
It is necessary for some people. For example, there is no underground garage in the community, and the car is not often driven. It is very necessary to put on the car clothing cover at this time. Sunlight, acid rain, bird droppings, gravel, rain and snow will corrode the paint and accelerate the aging of the paint. Branches falling from the sky, claws of small animals, and children's swords, guns, sticks and sticks may cause damage to the paint.
With the protection of the car clothing cover, the external damage to the car will be reduced a lot, the adhesion of dust will be reduced, and the number of car washes will be reduced. The car is parked near the metal processing plant, chemical plant, construction site, and the cigarette mouth of the hotel, and try to cover the car to reduce paint damage and car washing times. If you stop at night and drive to work the next day, it is not necessary to cover the car.

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