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Reasons for water leakage of car sun visor

Reasons for water leakage of car sun visor
The water leakage of the sun visor is probably caused by the blockage of the roof water channel or water guide hole, and the blockage of the water guide hole under the front windshield is the most common problem. Often the vehicle is not cleaned or parked in a dusty and leafy place, which is easy to cause the water guide hole to be blocked. When the car is washed or it rains heavily, the water on the roof cannot be drained through the drain hole, and it is easy to seep into the car through the hole position of the sun visor. In this case, find a professional master to dredge the drainage hole.

How to repair the roof leakage?
First of all, we need to determine what causes the roof leakage to solve the problem. If the sunroof sealing strip is aging, we can repair it by replacing the window sealing strip. If the drain hole is blocked, we can find the drain hole of the sunroof and clean the foreign matters and dirt in the sunroof sink for treatment. If the roof cracks causing water leakage, it is recommended to paint the body.

How to repair the peeling of the front windshield bead?
First, let's check whether the tape is aging. If the tape is seriously aged, it is recommended to replace the tape as a whole. After the tape is removed, dust, branches, leaves and other dirt in the tape slot must be cleaned, otherwise the subsequent adhesive coating will not stick. We can find the tape for special vehicles in Auto Parts City or online. During installation, apply a small amount of glue in the groove of the tape, and then install the tape. If the tape is not aging, it can be directly pasted with glue.

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