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The function of car sun visor

The aluminum foil sun visor does not damage the windshield. The main purpose of the aluminum foil sun visor is to reflect the sunlight, thus reducing the temperature in the car and having nothing to do with the windshield. Windshield curing method:

First of all, check the wiper regularly. The wiper is one of the main sources of damage to the front windshield. On the one hand, after the wiper has been used for a long time, if the rocker end of the wiper directly rubs onto the windshield, it will not only wipe the rain, but will scratch the glass. In addition, the wiper will adhere to dust and rub the front windshield, leaving some small scratches and fine lines on the glass.

Secondly, clean the front windshield, and try to use the specified windshield cleaning fluid. The cleaning fluid is added with components that dissolve oil stains and improve the wetting interface of the glass, which is conducive to the maintenance of the glass; When there are obstacles such as snow, ice, mud, dry and hard bird droppings on the glass, do not use the wiper, otherwise the wiper blade, wiper motor and glass will be damaged. For the film,
At present, there are many types of film for the front windshield, such as anti-explosion film, anti-ultraviolet film, and so on. The film of well-known brands should be selected as far as possible, otherwise the inferior film will not play its due role, but will cause safety hazards due to insufficient light transmittance and other reasons. There are small cracks on the front windshield. It is recommended to replace the windshield if economic conditions permit. If the driver often drives at high speed, it is recommended that the owner must replace the front windshield to ensure his own safety.

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