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What does a car sunshade do

In summer, if many friends do not have a garage, parking outside will expose them to sunlight, which will reduce the life of the car. At this time, many friends will choose to buy a car sunshade to protect the car. So what is the function of the car sun visor? When should a car sunshade be used? Briefly introduce it to your friends.

Car Sunshade Profile: Introduction

The car sunscreen is specially made for the majority of drivers and friends, avoiding the trouble of driving. Keep the temperature in the cabin within the most comfortable range for the human body. At the same time, it can also avoid the damage of ultraviolet, infrared and other destructive light sources to the interior of the car. Energy saving and durable.

Introduction to the car sunshade: the role of the hood

1. Economical and can be used for 3-5 years.

2. It has the functions of environmental protection, rainproof, sandproof, dustproof, frostproof, heat insulation, cooling and anti-peeping.

3. Save gasoline energy, save 1.5 yuan in fuel cost each time, use twice a day, save 3*90=270 yuan in one summer. While saving wallets, it also saves energy for the society!

4. Anti-ultraviolet, shorten the volatilization of harmful substances in the car;

5. Avoid the aging of leather, instruments and instruments in the car and prolong the service life of the car.

Introduction to car sunshade: meet the requirements of objective conditions.

1. Most car owners park their cars outdoors and go on outings outdoors;

2. The open-air parking lot is a place where the parking lot manager provides paid services to small partners.

3. Companies, hotels, units, automobile 4S shops and other institutions can use it to add icing on the cake to the corporate brand and provide customers with warmer services;

A small investment can save you a lot of fuel consumption, and it can also slow down the aging of the car and interior accessories, giving you a cool summer.

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