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What kind of material is good for the car clothing cover

There are many materials for the car clothing cover, including single layer, double layer, three layers and four layers.
Single layer car clothes (PVC waterproof material): usually silver, with good dust-proof and sunscreen effects, but not resistant to rain and snow, scraping, and fire, with a service life of about 2 years.

Say more about the composite multi-layer car clothing cover: the outer materials generally include oxford cloth, polyester taff, PEVA material, PVC material and PU material.

Oxford cloth+aluminum coating: It has strong sun protection, heat insulation, rain and snow resistance, is durable and low cost.

Polyester taff+silver coating: polyester taff fabric is lighter, but it is also tough and durable, and its weight is lighter than Oxford cloth.

PEVA material+coating: PEVA has good toughness and elasticity, corrosion resistance, warmth and breathability, wind and rain resistance, and grease resistance.

The inner layer is usually made of high-density PP cotton, spunlace cotton, cotton linter, polyester taff and other materials, which can effectively protect the car paint from scratches. Polyester taffeta can be used for both outer and inner lining.

Whether it is oxford cloth, polyester taff or PEVA, they are all good materials for car clothing cover. Try not to choose PVC. The durability is not good. There are two layers of the inner layer and three layers of the inner layer. Of course, the thicker the layer, the better. The price will be relatively expensive.

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