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About choose the car cover

1. Special vehicle
At present, the clothing covers of all major brands are customized for different models. Never buy a universal size clothing cover. It is too loose or too small to cover the car. The fit is not good. It is easy to get in when it is windy or rainy, and the clothing cover is easy to be blown away.
2. Choose a big brand
The car clothing covers produced by small workshops are poor in materials and rough in workmanship. The big brands of car clothing covers, such as Kanai, Frie, Quanhao, Shuoji, Yika, Song Linsen, are more reliable in the use of materials.
3. Select flame retardant material
When the car is parked outdoors, it is inevitable that smokers throw cigarette butts and children play with fireworks. The car is most afraid of fire. The choice of fire-retardant clothing cover can reduce fire.
4. Waterproof material
The waterproof of the car clothing cover is very important, because it may rain at any time in summer. If the waterproof effect of the car clothing cover is not good, a lot of water will often seep in. In heavily polluted areas, the rain is corrosive.
5. The color should be eye-catching
Try to choose blue, silver, camouflage and other eye-catching colors, especially the front, rear and rear-view mirrors should have obvious signs.
6. The workmanship should be meticulous
Careless workmanship directly affects the waterproof performance of the car clothing cover. The stitching is not too tight, the gap is large, and it is easy to seep water. If you buy in a physical store, you must check whether the workmanship is meticulous and whether the wiring is tight. If you place an order online, you should also check it carefully after arrival, and return and replace the goods in time if you find any problems.
7. Thermal insulation performance
In summer, the temperature is high, and the infrared and ultraviolet rays are very strong. It is better for the car clothes to block most of the ultraviolet and infrared rays, so that the temperature in the car is not too high. There should also be cooling holes on the car clothes for heat dissipation.

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