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Benefits of car clothing cover

Heat insulation and sun protection: The infrared ray and ultraviolet ray in the sunlight can cause considerable damage to the car paint and interior. If the car is exposed to the sun for a long time, the aging of the paint and interior will be accelerated. The outer layer of the car clothing cover is basically made of metal, which has a strong reflection on light. The temperature inside the car is too high.

Dustproof: There are many invisible dust in the air. The dust will gradually adhere to the paint and become thicker, which is also bad for the paint. The car clothing cover can play a good role in dust prevention and reduce the number of car washes.

Rain and snow protection: we live in industrial cities, where a large amount of waste gas is discharged into the air, while some acid gases are mixed with water vapor in the air, and most of them fall to the ground through rain, which is corrosive. The winter in the north is almost a world of snow. The car was parked a few nights ago, and the next day it was covered with snow. Snow removal is a very troublesome thing. If it is not handled properly, the car paint and glass will be damaged. There is a car coat cover to block rain and snow, and the car is well protected.

Anti bird droppings branches: when the car is parked under a tree, the car body is easily polluted by bird droppings, gum and leaves, and bird droppings will also corrode the car paint. The car body will be protected from bird droppings, gums and fallen leaves by a car cover. In case of strong wind, the broken branches may fall off and scratch the paint surface. The clothing cover can play a certain role in protection.

Scratch prevention: When you park outdoors, you will inevitably encounter some psychopathic disabled people. You can use the key or sharp tool to row the car. If there is a car coat cover, you can reduce the paint damage.

Anti cigarette butts and anti firecrackers: people who smoke are generally of low quality. They like to throw cigarette butts and children like to throw firecrackers. There are very big potential safety hazards, especially when there are vehicles nearby. Most of the car clothing covers are made of flame retardant materials, which can protect the vehicle.

Anti vehicle theft: the car clothing covers close the car, so you can't see the inside of the car, and the car clothing covers have a certain thickness, which is not easy to damage, reducing the possibility of theft of items in the car.

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