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Can the car cover effectively prevent sun

The car cover has a certain sunscreen effect. The car sun visor can maintain the temperature in the car and always be within the most comfortable feeling range of the human body. The car clothes are made of special sunscreen fabric, which can also prevent harmful light sources such as ultraviolet rays and infrared rays from damaging the car interior, saving energy and protecting the environment.
Consequences of long-term automobile exposure:
1、 The car paint is aging and fading.
The hot summer sun does great damage to the car paint. Long-term exposure to the sun will accelerate the aging and fading of car paint, make the car lose its original beautiful luster, and affect its service life.
Solution: It is better to seal and wax the car paint to effectively isolate and protect the car paint.
2、 Interior deformation.
Long-term exposure to the sun also has a great impact on the interior, most of which are made of plastic materials. Long-term sunlight will accelerate the aging and deformation of plastics and damage the service life of the interior.
Solution: The car owner can put some heat insulation pads in the car to prevent the sun (check the transaction price | participation | preferential policies) from directly shining into the car.
3、 Produce harmful gases.
The main impact of vehicle exposure is the generation of harmful gases. The materials in the car are mostly plastic or leather products, which will produce harmful substances such as formaldehyde after long-term exposure. If you enter the vehicle and turn on the air conditioner directly without opening the window, harmful gases will be inhaled into the human body, thus causing harm to the human body.
Solution: If the car is exposed to the sun for a long time in summer, it is best to open the window for a while, open the external circulation of the air conditioner, discharge toxic gas, and then close the window to cool down, generally about 5 minutes.
4、 It affects the sealing performance of the vehicle.
For cars, because many parts are made of rubber, such as the sealing strips on the door and sunroof are made of rubber. It is well known that rubber will deform and age under high temperature, but it is easy to age when exposed to high temperature for eight or nine hours in summer, which cannot provide a good sealing effect. Long-term exposure will lead to the deterioration of vehicle sealing performance. In this way, the sound insulation effect of the vehicle will be reduced, and there may be potential water seepage.
Solution: Regularly check whether the sealing strips on the door and sunroof are aging. If they are aging, replace them in time to avoid affecting the sealing performance of the vehicle.
5、 Increase potential safety hazards in the vehicle.
If there are compressed gas items and lithium battery items in the vehicle, it is easy to explode or burn under high temperature. Even if it does not harm people, it will also damage the internal parts of the car. Such items mainly include lighters, perfume, power packs, etc.
Solution: try not to store flammable and explosive materials in the vehicle.
6、 Cause tire damage.
The high temperature in summer also hurts the tyres. Tyres are rubber products. If exposed to the sun for a long time, the aging of tyres will be accelerated. In the long run, they will deform and crack, affecting the service life of tyres. At the same time, high temperature exposure will also increase tire pressure, causing the risk of tire blowout.
Solution: tire aging needs to be replaced in time to avoid potential safety hazards.
7、 Vehicle self-ignition.
Exposure to the sun may cause spontaneous combustion of the vehicle. This is absolutely not alarmist. In fact, the news has reported several auto spontaneous combustion incidents. Now because of climate change and other reasons. The maximum temperature is getting higher and higher. The temperature of the car exposed to the sun will only be higher than the ambient temperature. So spontaneous combustion is also possible.
Solution: try to park the car in the shade. This is of course the first choice. After all, there are many underground parking lots in many places, although they may be more expensive than outdoor ones.

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