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There are three types of anti-heat sunshade for cars: front, side and rear

According to the position, the car heat shield can be divided into front windshield, side shield and rear shield. When the sun shines into the car, the temperature will rise, and it will also endanger the safe driving vision of the driver. The function of the car's thermal sunshade is to block the sunlight, making the car more comfortable.

The exposure of the sun will cause great harm to other equipment such as the car interior chair and instrument panel. The heat-resistant sunshade can reflect the surface sunlight, so it has a good effect on reducing the engine temperature in the short term. Let's compare the role of various shading products in driving and parking and their differences. According to the position, the car heat shield can be divided into front windshield, side shield and rear shield.

There are not so many kinds of front heat shield and sunshade. Generally, there are two kinds of aluminum foil and no anti-cloth. The aluminum foil is generally divided into the general "bubble glass" type and the pattern design type, and the specification is generally 60 * 130cm, which is suitable for most small cars. The aluminum foil thermal insulation sunshade with suction cups is convenient to use. After the operation, use the suction cups to suck in the front windshield or the rear windshield.

In the season when it is not very hot, colorful patterns can be placed outside. If the weather is very hot, aluminum foil can be placed outside to ensure the sunlight on the reflecting surface. When purchasing the front sunshade, it is better to choose the ones with suction cups. The layering of raw materials should be hard. The "bubble glass" type or the excessively cheap front thermal sunshade is not strong enough and is very easy to fall, so don't be greedy for cheap. Generally, the packaging products of good brand front heat shield and sunshade are suitable for use. There are also professional positions of suction cups, which are not easy to be squeezed out. In nine cases out of ten, the suction cups of weaker brands are squeezed out. The way to save them is to put them in hot water for a while.

If the front glass of the car is very wide, the general front thermal sunshade can not be blocked. You can choose two sunshades in a pair. Such sunshades can be covered like those of the off-road jeep category. There is no shading area on the top of the front car window of some cars, so a windshield sticker can be pasted. It can not only decorate the car, but also partially block the light.

The rear thermal sunshade is generally prepared carefully for the passengers. The rear sunshade of some cars is all original. It is an expansion joint, and generally has a gray and black mesh structure. This kind of sunshade has obvious effect and is beautiful, generous and convenient. It is a better rear sunshade. Nowadays, there are very few pure colors on the market, most of them are cute cartoons. When purchasing this product, pay attention to the size of the product and other relevant information, so as to facilitate the purchase according to the specific situation of your car. If the rear window glass of the car is very small, it is better to use a triangular arrangement of suction cups. This type of fixing point is very small, and other types such as four-point fixed fixed suction cups occupy a large part. There is also a cheaper one, but it does not have a suction cup.

When selecting this kind of product, you must first grasp the size of the rear window of the vehicle to see if it is suitable. Otherwise, even if you have purchased a cheap source of goods, if there is a problem in using it, you will regret it. It is a costly and disturbing thing to return or exchange goods.

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