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What is the function of car sunshade

The car sunshade has a certain effect. If the vehicle is parked in the open air and exposed to the sun, it is recommended to use the sunshade. Although the sunshade can not effectively reduce the temperature in the car, it can effectively reduce the speed of temperature rise in the car, and also avoid the harm caused by direct sunlight on the dashboard and leather seats in the car.

I believe that in summer, the most unbearable problem for car owners is the abnormal temperature rise in the car after the car is exposed to the sun outside. However, the underground parking lot is limited, so the car owners can only choose to park outdoors, and the vehicle is inevitably exposed to sunlight. Occasionally, there is no problem, but if the vehicle is exposed to the sun for a long time, the instrument panel, seat and other components of the vehicle will also age ahead of time and be damaged due to the direct sunlight and high temperature "baking".

The function of sunshade is to directly block the direct sunlight by covering the front windshield. This method is simple and rough, like holding an umbrella outdoors. Although it is still very hot, it will be more comfortable without direct sunlight. The sunshade is cheap, and many people will choose it, but it also has disadvantages, such as difficult storage, poor fit, and easy to leak light.

In addition to sunshades, there are other ways to protect cars from sun. For example, choose car clothes and wrap the car so that it can protect against sun, dust and rain. However, the car clothes are not very convenient to use, and they also have to work hard outdoors to collect the car clothes.
Even if a sunshade or clothing is used to protect the car from the sun, the car surface will still be exposed to the sun and rain. Therefore, the car owner should regularly maintain the car paint. The simplest and most affordable way is to wax it. If conditions permit, you can choose glazing or crystal plating, which will better protect the car paint.

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