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Can you use the multi-function sunshade in the car

All vehicles will be equipped with two sunshades, one for the driver and one for the driver and the other for the driver. The main function of the sunshade is to prevent the sun's strong light from shining directly into the driver's eyes during the driving process, which will affect the driver's accurate judgment of the distance, speed, and obstacles in front of the vehicle, creating a safety hazard.
The multi-angle adjustment of the sun visor can observe the sun outside the vehicle and the obstacles around the vehicle, and talk about the use methods and skills with you.
Straight ahead: If the light in front is strong and the driver is affected, the sun visor can be broken from top to bottom. The breaking range can be adjusted according to the light angle, the driver's height and angle of view to improve the vision
Vehicle side light
Because the driving direction of the vehicle is changing constantly, the strong sunlight will shine directly from the side of the driver, and will also affect the judgment of driving safety. At this time, we need to take off the buckle of the sun visor, turn it to the left, and attach the left vehicle lifting glass, which can effectively shield the sun and make driving safer!
Observe the function of rearview mirror from multiple angles
There are many blind spots in vehicles. We can also observe the left and right blind spots inside or outside the vehicle through the up and down angles of the sun visor and use the makeup lenses inside the vehicle to effectively avoid the area of the blind spots and make the driver's vision multiple perspectives. Of course, the ultimate goal is to reduce the blind spots and drive safely

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